Are You Financially Prepared For a Divorce?

Joshua Dobi |

The emotional and psychological effects of divorce are far reaching. But what about the financial aspect of a divorce? People are usually not financially prepared for a divorce. For a couple getting divorced, there are many considerations when it comes to finances including children, assets, debt, the list goes on. Every situation is unique, but we’ve outlined a few big-picture ideas for you to reflect on if you find yourself experiencing this major life event.


Take an inventory.

It’s important to take an inventory to know where things are at. It can be challenging to do, especially if the other spouse was in charge of the financial assets. In the best ways you can, pull a list together outlining where things are as far as your finances are concerned.


Create a new budget.

Start to formulate where your new budget might be. That’s going to be different for everybody because everybody’s circumstances are different. To the best of your ability, start to formulate the obligations which are yours and how you’re going to be able to address them.


Reach out to some experts.

This can’t be stressed enough. Reach out to experts who have gone through this many, many times and know what to expect. There are experts such as legal, financial, and tax advisors that deal with divorce as part of their profession and can provide you with insight to your specific situation. There can be a lot going on during a divorce so getting perspective from an expert(s) can be a big help.


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