Should I Be Investing In Gold Right Now?

Joshua Dobi |

Is gold or silver a good investment for your portfolio? This is a question we receive with some regularity, especially when prices are going up. The not so favorable answer is it depends. Every situation is unique so you want to reach out to your advisor, or you can reach out to us here at North Main Financial Group, to see if this is the right move for you.


Here are three things to remember:


Do you want to hold the asset itself?

The first thing to consider is whether you want to hold the actual asset itself. Or maybe you want to own them in some type of publicly traded instrument like an exchange traded fund or a gold or silver mining company which is publicly traded. There are some decisions to be made there and there are pros and cons to each one.


Caution: be leery of late-night infomercials and mailers.

This is a word of caution, and we’ve offered it a lot here at North Main Financial Group. Be leery of the kinds of things that pop up on late-night television commercials and in your mailbox. You’ll see these ads when the price of gold or silver appreciates rapidly. This tends to be a red flag and we need to ask ourselves, where were these folks when prices were lower. They aren’t all bad but take them with a grain of salt and reach out to an advisor if you have questions about something specific.


Understand the relationship between gold or silver to your own portfolio.

With regards to planning, be sure you understand the relationship of gold or silver, if you decide to pursue it, in relationship to your overall portfolio. How does it perform when the markets are up? How does it perform when the markets are down? Is it correlated or is it negatively correlated? Again, several big consideration points you want to keep in mind.


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