Think Of Your Financial Life Like A Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s interesting to look back through the years and note the trends. There were things 20 years ago when I started that were in vogue that isn’t today. Conversely, there are things that we use every day that didn’t even exist 20 years ago. The iPhone, for example, is only 10 years old. Pretty amazing to think about since it’s so integrated into our lives. We have our contact list, calendar, photos, it’s the primary means of communication for many of us. When I started, I barely had a flip phone and it could only dial out numbers.


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There Are Benefits to Estate Planning, No Matter Your Wealth

When you think about estate planning you probably think about legacy-style families like the Kennedy’s or people who are “wealthy”. However, each of us have an estate according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and each state we live in has a different set of regulations. No matter your worth, we recommend having an estate strategy to align with your future wishes after you pass away. This is one of the things we focus on at North Main Financial, helping our clients to prioritize their goals and then helping them coordinate a plan for how to ensure their goals are met.


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