Three Things To Help Prepare Yourself For A Recession

A question that is on the mind of many people is, are we headed for a recession? I’m going to give an answer that may shock you at first…yes. Before you panic, the answer is always yes because our economic system works in a cycle. We will never be absolved from recessions. There is a sense that there will always be a recession out ahead of us.


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Should I Be Investing In Gold Right Now?

Is gold or silver a good investment for your portfolio? This is a question we receive with some regularity, especially when prices are going up. The not so favorable answer is it depends. Every situation is unique so you want to reach out to your advisor, or you can reach out to us here at North Main Financial Group, to see if this is the right move for you.


Here are three things to remember:

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How To Balance Student Loans and Retirement

As we work with younger clients here at North Main Financial Group on their financial planning, there is one question that comes up with frequency. What should you do in terms of combining the ideas of paying down student loan debt and saving for retirement? The answer is simple, it depends.


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Make Time To Review Your Financial Plan This Summer

It’s hard to believe the year is already half over! Normally we would be looking ahead to that long-awaited vacation, spending time with family, and gathering with friends for summer BBQ’s. However, 2020 looks a bit different due to COVID-19. The kids are indeed out of school and there is still plenty of sunshine to go around but many of us are looking for ways to stay entertained in this new world of social distancing. There are people still out of work, or others who are now working from home, and vacations have been cancelled.

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